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Poe denies she is advocating an arms race with China

CALACA, BATANGAS—Presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe yesterday rejected insinuations she would be advocating an arms race against China should she get elected in the May 2016 elections.
Photo courtesy of ibtimes.com

Photo courtesy of ibtimes.com

 Compared to the current Aquino administration, Poe said her administration’s foreign policy would be “more accommodating” when dealing with other countries, particularly allies and neighboring countries especially in the Southeast Asian region.
“I think compared to this administration, I would be more accommodating when it comes to talks with other countries, particularly on other aspects like economic, cultural and education,” Poe told a foreign journalist who covered her political rally in this province.
Should she become the next leader, Poe said resolving the issue on the West Philippine Sea and how to enrich its ties with China without giving up its territorial sovereignty over the disputed maritime zones and islands would be her utmost priority.
Part of this plan, she said is “to hopefully force” the international tribunal to fast track its decision on the arbitration case the Philippines has filed against China in connection to the territorial dispute.
“But I think it is important to maintain good relations with China. And as president that is also going to be one of my priorities. We are neighbors after all. We don’t see eye to eye on certain issues but I think it would be for the benefit for the region for us to all to get along,” Poe said.
“But as president, I would always, always, promote the welfare of my countrymen. First and foremost—and if it means bridging the gaps between the two countries, I will do it,” she said.
But definitely, she said advocating an arms race against an economic giant like China is far from her mind since such move would be useless.
The senator said what she intends to do under her administration is to ensure that the Philippines has at least a respectable air force and maritime defense.
“Definitely I am not advocating an arms race. For a country like ours, that would be an exercise that would be useless, but what I am advocating is for our country to also be prepared and have the necessary equipment in case there is a necessity for it,” she said.
“I always say we need to maintain relations with the international community, China included, and there are aspects apart from arbitration. We have our economic ties, educational ties with China, as well as cultural ties. We can harness those particular relations with China,” Poe explained.
“But we cannot also be remiss in strengthening our own military force. Because that is our obligation to be able to defend our sovereignty,” she said.
She pointed out that even President Benigno Aquino III, himself, also purchased fighter jets for the Philippine Air Force.
“On the other hand, the president himself is also purchasing fighter jets. Not necessarily to be in competition with any country. But that’s because we really need to empower our military as well,” she said.
Poe emphasized that under her administration, the country’s foreign policy would always be in accordance with the Constitution.
“Our foreign policy would always be in accordance with our Constitution, that is, in maintaining national integrity, as well as sovereignty. And because of that, we would be able to comply with the Constitution even if it means empowering our own military,” she said.
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