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‘Da Dog Show’ wins big at YCC

A scene from 'Da Dog Show' (Facebook)

A scene from ‘Da Dog Show’ (Facebook)

Independent film “Da Dog Show” was recently named Best Film for 2015 by the Young Critics Circle (YCC).

“Da Dog Show” bested five other films including “Ari: My Life With A King” directed by Carlo Enciso Catu; “Balikbayan #1” by Kidlat Tahimik; “Ang Kubo Sa Kawayanan” by Alvin Yapan; “Mga Rebeldeng May Kaso” by Raymond Red; and “Taklub” by Brillante Mendoza.

It’s director Ralston Jover’s second Best Film award from YCC after “Bakal Boys” in 2009. Ralston also won the Best Screenplay award this year.

The director expressed his gratitude via Facebook.

“Maraming maraming salamat YCC para sa mga bagong pagkilala. Labor of love, blood, sweat, and tears ang paggawa ng ‘Da Dog Show’ sa loob ng (apat) na taon…

“To the rest of the ‘Da Dog Show’ group, a priceless thanks sa inyong lahat. Higit sa lahat, kay Howie Severino, Sergio Redolosa at sa kanyang pamilya para sa paglalahad ng tunay na kuwento. Salamat sa inyong lahat,” he wrote.

The film was based on a 2006 “i-Witness” documentary by Howie Severino about an illiterate old man named Mang Sergio, and an askal named Habagat.

“Da Dog Show” stars Lou Veloso who won the Best Performance award.

Meanwhile, “Balikbayan #1” won two awards namely, the Best Cinematography and Visual Design and Best Sound and Aural Orchestration. Sherad Anthony Sanchez’s “Salvage” won Best Editing.

“Ari: My Life With A King,” “Dayang Asu” directed by Bor Ocampo, “Miss Bulalacao” directed by Ara Chawdhury, and “Shapes Of Crimson” directed by EJ Zamora Mijares were all named Best First Feature.

The academe-based critics group established in 1990 went through over 115 films this year.

The Young Critics Circle awards ceremony will be held July at the University of the Philippines Diliman.


BEST FILM: “Da Dog Show” (Ralston Jover)

BEST SCREENPLAY: “Da Dog Show” (Ralston Jover)

BEST PERFORMANCE: Lou Veloso (“Da Dog Show”)

CINEMATOGRAPHY AND VISUAL DESIGN: “Balikbayan #1,” Boy Yniguez, Lee Briones, Abi Lara, Santos Bayucca, Kidlat de Guia, Kawayan de Guia, and Kidlat Tahimik (cinematography); Kidlat Tahimik (production design); Santiago Bose (set design); Katrin de Guia (costume)

BEST EDITING: “Salvage” (Lawrence Ang)

BEST SOUND AND AURAL ORCHESTRATION: “Balikbayan #1,” Ed de Guia (sound); Los Indios de Espana, and Shanto (music)

BEST FIRST FEATURE: “Ari: My Life With A King” (Carlo Enciso Catu) “Dayang Asu” (Bor Ocampo), “Miss Bulalacao” (Ara Chawdhury), “Shapes of Crimson” (Emil James Mijares)