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Ogie wears faith on his sleeve

In a recent interview with “Happy Truck Happinas” host Ogie Alcasid, I was delighted, if not surprised, to see that before me was a changed man.



If 10 years ago, my conversations with him were all about naughty jokes and rated R stories, there’s no trace of all that this time. A renewed Christian for several years now, I could feel the gifts of the Holy Spirit granted to Ogie. The singer-songwriter’s words are full of wisdom and humility as we talked about a myriad of things. How God can transform people!

Ogie even quoted a Bible verse to me: “Bearing fruit is actually the promise of our Savior as He is the Vine. John 15:5 says ‘I am the vine; you are the branches, If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.’”

Now, I’ve never believed in “segregation.” Whether you are Catholic or Protestant or Iglesia ni Kristo, I believe what’s important is putting your faith in God who saves us.

I also think He chooses – calls – different kinds of people to serve Him. Who would have thought the funny Ogie the Pogi would form the 1 Walker? It’s a praise and worship group that counts his wife Regine Velasquez and their soul sister in Christ, Jaya, as members. They will hold the worship concert “Reborn” at the Mall of Asia Arena on April 3. The proceeds will go to the abandoned lolos and lolas of the Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Incorporated.

regine ogie

regine ogie

“Serving God began when we realized that to be able to serve your brother and sister, one must serve the Lord first,” Ogie said. “The worship concert is our way of signifying our trust in the Lord. Strip us from being who we are and we’re simply followers of Christ. This is also our way of celebrating and spreading the gospel through the gifts God has given us.”

Many people have to go through something before they embark on quest to have a deeper commitment with Christ. It’s called pruning and Ogie knows this well.

“Regine and I both rediscovered the Lord before we got married. We lost one child and that tragedy led us back to our Creator.

“Our Savior continues to prune us so He may slowly perfect our faith. He takes away the things that may keep us apart from Him in order for us to grow in faith.”

Tickets to “Reborn” are available at TicketNet. See you there!


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