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Top skills that could get you hired this 2016

With the first quarter of 2016 just starting to settle in, chances are many Filipinos are seeking for a job. You might ask, what skills could I use to edge out other job-seekers?

US-based professional networking site LinkedIn has named the top skills that you could use to get you that job you want this 2016.

LinkedIn based the data from its users’ skills, and analyzed them based on the hiring and recruiting activity that happened on LinkedIn‘s site from January to December 2015.

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The study revealed that the top skills employers are looking for are mostly tech skills or skills involving Information Technology.

Cloud and distributed-computing ranked 1st.

The “cloud” is a metaphor for the Internet, and basically, “cloud computing” means “Internet-based computing”.

Internet-based computing is the storing and accessing of data and programs over the internet, rather than using local servers or a hard drive.

Statistical analysis and data mining is ranked 2nd.

Data mining is an analytic skill involving statistics.

The skill requires analysis of large amounts of data, mainly business or market-related such as sales of a certain brand, to search for consistent patterns and systematic relationships.

Ranked at 4th is SEO/SEM Marketing. SEO/SEM stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing. It is an online marketing tool which aims to increase the visibility of certain products or services in search engines like Google.

Mobile development is ranked 6th. Mobile developers develop application software for mobile phones, such as the “apps” on our iPhones and Android phones.

Technology skills made up 20 out of the 25 top skills, which shows that being tech-savvy could be your best ticket to a job.

If you have one or more of these skills, you increase your employability, and you will likely get that job you’ve been longing for this 2016.

In the latest National Salary Report by based on job postings from October to December 2015, the IT industry provided the highest-paying jobs, with IT professionals receiving an average monthly salary of P38,149 as junior executives and P63,485 as supervisors.

(Photo from LinkedIn)

(Photo from LinkedIn)