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Avida helps millennials make wiser investment decisions with ‘Homepossible’

Anne Baylon-Jara

Avida’s Marketing Manager Anne Baylon-Jara

With better jobs, and increased spending power, Filipino millennials or those who belong to the 25-35 age bracket, have access to the finer things in life- be it gadgets, travels and fashion items. They want more things, and they want them quick, sometimes forgetting to make important long-term investments that can help secure their future.

Avida Land, a subsidiary of Ayala Land, and one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines, is hoping to improve the financial habits of millennials, and encourage them to practice better management of their money, through its ‘Homepossible’ series.

Started in 2013, Homepossible is a series of grand home fair events that encouraged prospective home owners to take the steps towards financial independence and better wealth management. During the event, expert thought leaders give talkson financial management. Prospective home owners are also treated to special payment discounts and deals, bank tie-ups for special offers and freebies from event partners.

“Learning how to manage one’s finances is the first step towards achieving financial freedom. Nowadays, there are many venues where you can invest and grow your hard-earned money; there are lost opportunities if you mishandle your finances. Millennials have more time to grow their investments so they have to take advantage of that,” said Anne Baylon-Jara, Avida marketing manager.

Baylon-Jara  noted that it is best for any investor to diversify his portfolio based on his life goals. One key investment area , she stressed, is real estate.

“Young Filipinos can invest in the financial and real estate markets. Property is indeed a good investment – take into consideration the increasing land values, and you can also realize gains from rental income. They also have a choice whether to live in the property that they bought or use it in the future,” she added.

Baylon-Jara further noted that “buying a home is a major investment, and it is even more important for millennials to consciously and wisely manage their finances to achieve their dream homes”.

“These homes will serve as the springboard to open up better life opportunities and possibilities for them in the future,” she said.

Avida Land is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the Philippines.  Since its launch, it has expanded its project base and has a total of 75 projects in 39 strategic locations all over the Philippines, ranging from condos, ranging from condos, house and lot, and mixed-use developments to offices.

The real estate company expects the growing purchasing power of Filipino millennials to help boost sales. This can even be spurred by a more financially educated market benefited by the  Homepossible series.

“Increasing sales from the millennial segment has also been observed over the past years. While Avida’s core market remains to be the middle age segment 36-49 years old, BC1 SEC, the company saw the opportunity to tap this millennial market to expand its reach,” Baylon-Jara explained.

This February, Avida staged the Homepossible: Jumpstart Conference at the Fairmont Hotel. It was highlighted by the launch of a free financial journal written by 5 financial advisers to serve as a handy, user-friendly guide to investing and thoughtfully planning financials. This financial freedom roadmap is authored by none other than the industry’s thought leaders—Efren Cruz, Fitz Villafuerte, Kendrick Chua, Rienzie Biolena, and Salve Duplito—in the hopes of helping millennials strive for, and eventually, achieve their life goals.

The Avida Homepossible series is primarily held in Metro Manila, though it has staged a leg of the series in Cebu. Baylon-Jara said Avida Land is continuing to evaluate if it can roll out the series to different locations nationwide.