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8 Apps for Lent

The season of Lent is a religious occasion commemorated by Catholics around the world. During Lent, Catholics would pray and repent for their sins for a period of six weeks. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends before Easter Sunday.

While most Filipinos are accustomed to the traditional method of celebrating Lent, there are now a number of ways in which technology can enhance our spiritual experience.   Through reliable apps that can be easily downloaded, smartphones and tablets can now serve as guide in our daily prayers and reflections. Here are 8 apps for the prayerful and the faithful:


Coined as the number 1 Catholic app for mobile devices, Laudate gives a “complete” experience for Catholics. It contains supplements for the Daily Readings during Mass, A Rosary with a prayer e-booklet, prayers for the Stations of The Cross, Latin Prayers, and many more. Laudate contains prayers that you may want to read through on your praying sessions during Lent.  Basically, with that much content in just one app, Laudate could be used daily and not just during the Lenten season.


logo1Xt3 Lent Calendar 2016

Created by Xt3.com, their Lent Calendar App is updated every year, each with a different theme. The theme for this year is “Open Wide the doors of Mercy”.  It coincides with the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy that was declared by Pope Francis. The app has unique contents for each day of Lent.  In some days, it shows videos, while on other days it contains podcasts, gospel readings, prayers, or reflections. Daily contents are locked until that day is reached.   This makes the users follow the schedule for the given content. The app helps you have a little bit of time for reflection after you wake up in the morning or even before you go to sleep.

logo logoIgnio

Ignio is built to make your season of Lent more social.   The app gives users a choice to share their Catholic faith to other Ignio users by creating a circle of 12 friends or family members (similar to number of Jesus’ disciples).  Since all members are using Ignio, members may share prayers and reflections to each other through the app forming a spiritual community focused on strengthening each other’s Catholic faith.

Users may light a digital candle during prayers and they can comment on each other’s reflections and shared gospel readings.  Truly, this makes daily reflecting and praying sessions more socially engaging. Ignio imitates the experience of having a social media account whose main focus is to bring family and friends closer together through faith not only during Lent, but throughout the year.

logo3Pray As You Go

The Pray As You Go app is a guide so that you can still offer prayers even through a busy work schedule. The app has audio recordings of prayers and gospel readings for each day.  So even if you are walking or commuting to work, you can just listen to the apps’s contents.  You don’t even have to read any prayer because prayers are already pre-recorded. This app is a great way to remember Lent even if you are often preoccupied at work.


logo4Truth & Life

Truth & Life is an audio bible dramatized by over 70 voice actors. It brings the experience of having a “bible radio drama” from your smartphones or tablets. It narrates the RSV Second Catholic Edition (RSV-2CE) of the Bible, in which you can personally select a bible verse that you want to hear. The audio recordings of the bible go along with a pre-installed text version so you can read the book while listening. There is also a built-in playlist that lets you listen to the the New Testament. You can also create a playlist of your own with your favorite verses.

Like the Pray As You Go app, Truth & Life is perfect for busy people who want to stay connected to their faith, whether on the go or during a short break at work.

logo5The Pope App

The Pope App is for those who want to follow Pope Francis’ activities during Lent, or at any time of the day. It gives news updates given by the Vatican’s own media services.  It also allows you to see the Vatican live through several webcams located in St. Peter’s Square and other nearby areas. In time of Lent, the Pope App may offer live streaming of the Pope’s speech during mass or any other papal events in the season.



Designed for young adults and teenagers, Lentsanity offers a more lighthearted approach in commemorating The app comes with articles, videos, social updates related to Lent curated inside the app itself.  The Lentsanity app also has activities, prayers, virtues, and sacrifices that can be done during the day that is not only good for the soul, but also for the body.  It provides recipes for meals that you can prepare for Lent, especially during Fridays where eating of meat is not allowed. If you forget about the meal restrictions, Lentsanity will notify you with push notifications about what not to eat for the day. This is a good app for teens and adults alike who want to follow Lent’s tradition in a more hip and carefree way.

logo7Lent Lite: Catholic Meditations for Lent by St. Thomas Aquinas

Lent Lite is an app that contains passages of meditations from St. Thomas Aquinas.  The version included in this list is the Lite version: which has meditations for odd-numbered days of Lent, but there is a full version that you can download for a price that contains meditations for even-numbered days also. This app not only strengthens one’s faith, but it also helps subscribers gain knowledge about the works of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the most important saints in Catholic history. (Christian Abe Garcia)