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Choosing sides

We caught a nice movie at Gateway in Cubao recently titled “Spotlight.”

The screening was sponsored by Sinag Maynila, the new film festival spearheaded by CEO and Founder Wilson Tieng together with internationally-acclaimed film director Brillante Mendoza.

We spotted QC Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, ABS -CBN news anchor Ces Drilon, multi-awarded actress Maria Isabel Lopez at the screening.

Before watching the film, I learned it’s about allegations of abuse involving the Catholic Church.

A SCENE from ‘Spotlight’

A SCENE from ‘Spotlight’

It is a true story based on the Pulitzer prize-winning work done by Spotlight, Boston Globe’s investigative team, uncovering years of abuse supposedly committed by priests. The movie earned six nominations at the world’s oldest and most trusted institution in light of such controversy.

You know what happened after the credits rolled? I cried. I cried really hard as the movie hit so close to home.

I am not a saint but I attend mass daily. I’ve interacted with priests. Seeing the abuses they supposedly committed as depicted in the movie prompted me to pray for all those serving at church. I realized how the devil works overtime to tempt priests to do things opposite their mission.

I heard some priests have allegedly advised churchgoers to not watch “Spotlight.” If this is true, then I don’t agree with it. I think the church should encourage their flock to watch the movie for them to realize that priests are also human, and are as prone to sin like the rest of us.

This reminded me of Pastor Peter Tan-Chi. A decade ago, several bad men robbed his house. Not content, they also raped his daughter.

His heart was filled with rage, naturally. However, instead of succumbing to his inner demons, Pastor Peter learned to forgive those evil men. He also asked God to heal his daughter and his family.

Today, Pastor Peter and his family have moved on from the tragedy. He continues to share the word of God and his community is growing, now numbering some 15,000 followers.

And the bad guys? They were eventually caught.

Bottomline, this world pits good against evil. Which side are you on? Remember, you always have a choice so it’s best to make the right decision.