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It takes two

The couple who gets fit together, stays together

#RelationshipGoals Exercising together brings a couple much closer and makes them fitter!

#RelationshipGoals Exercising together brings a couple much closer and makes them fitter!

It’s the ubiquitous, globally-recognized day of love tomorrow and if you feed into the sentiments and marketing hype behind Valentine’s Day, then you probably already have a reservation at a restaurant all lined up. But how about approaching it in a different way this year? It’s the perfect day to bond with your partner over health and fitness. Did you know that exercising together does make your relationship stronger? Why not celebrate your love by taking steps to strengthen your bond rather than just a one-off meal once a year?

You’re probably asking now how exactly exercising can help your marriage. Here’s the thing: If you are healthy, you feel better about yourself and this fosters confidence, which in turn, makes you a happier person and a better partner.

I don’t know about you but I’ve struggled in the first month of this New Year to stay true to my newly minted resolutions of eating right and working out. Somehow, I’ve fallen off the wagon and am having a difficult time getting back in. I blame it on stress and my current state of grieving. I realized the other day that I need an outside motivational force to encourage me to jump back into my goal this year to be in the best shape of my life.

I definitely have that motivator in the house. My husband David is an avid cross fitter who is devoted to his fitness. This always influences me because I see his dedication and discipline and I get quite inspired. More than that, though, David drags me to work out with him. He’s my cheerleader and butt-kicker when I’m not in the mood. There’s something really fun and satisfying about working out with your loved one. You’re getting quality time together as well as doing your health some good. You are also increasing your energy because you are routinely active. I notice how sluggish I feel when I haven’t exercised for a few days. This helps you to have more energy for work (or motherhood). A definite relationship saver. Getting fit together gives you an improved body and self image and it increases your libido, too! It can also bring you closer. When you’re spending time together exercising, you can talk more and bond over a shared sense of accomplishment at finishing something challenging together.jo1

So, what if neither of you is the motivated one? Then you have to work together to inspire one another. Both of you have to take turns being the influencer. Start small. Go for runs together. Or enroll in a fitness class together (one that you will both enjoy). Discover a new sport with one another (biking, wakeboarding, sailing, just to name a few that you could try).

It’s not the easiest thing to do, but once you make a promise to each other to stay healthy together it becomes a lot easier than doing it alone. So why not start tomorrow, the annual day of hearts, and really pledge to honor your love by looking after yourselves together?