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Samsung Electronics moves to be separated from Google

By Lee Seung-Hoon, Maeil Business News Korea

South Korea’s consumer electronics behemoth Samsung Electronics has moved to be separated from Google after strengthening its relationship with Google in the smartphone sector.

Photo courtesy of Pulse/Maeil Business News Korea

Photo courtesy of Pulse/Maeil Business News Korea

The electronics giant has recently announced that it will hold Samsung Developer Conference 2016 in San Francisco in April. Google usually holds its developer conference in June and Samsung has decided to hold theirs in April instead. The company held the conference in November 2014 but it moved up the date, showing its intention of beating its rival to the draw. Samsung decided to bring the developer conference forward and release various solutions to show that the company is also adept at software, according to sources from the industry.

The electronics company has made strenuous efforts to develop Tizen. Tizen is an open and flexible operating system built from the ground up to address the needs of all stakeholders of the mobile and connected device ecosystem. As for wearable devices, the company has rolled out products running on Tizen instead of Google’s Android, taking the lead in the market. Smartphones running on Tizen have produced tangible results. According to market research company Strategic Analytics (SA), Samsung Electronics sold a total of 2.9 million smartphone units running on Tizen around the world last year, ranking fifth in market share of smartphone operating systems. The company ranked fourth in the third and fourth quarters last year, beating BlackBerry.

As for payment system utilizing smartphones, Samsung Electronics launched its service by unveiling its own Samsung Pay instead of Google Wallet released by Google in 2011. Samsung Electronics launched Samsung Pay service in the U.S. last year, following Korea.

In addition, the company established the automotive parts business division late last year, having a head-on collision with Googl’e smart car project. If Samsung considers running the smart car business in the long run, it cannot avoid the competition with Google. Samsung has not participated in the Open Automotive Alliance, a smart car developing coalition created by Google.

“Some within the company think that Samsung should see Google as a rival, not as an object to cooperate with growing concerns that Samsung could be dominated by Google’s operating system Android,” according to sources from the industry.

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