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Your child’s luck

What does the Year of the Fire Monkey have in store for your kids? Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez gives her forecast

3Monkey 2004, 2016)

General Forecast: Monkeys are not too lucky this year so they need to be more focused and to work harder. There will be challenges but because of the “academic star” on their charts, Monkeys will be able to rise above the challenges and turn them into a learning experience.
Health and Safety: Be careful. It will be easier this year to hurt yourself because of the lack of focus.
Reminder: Don’t stress too much and always be aware of your surroundings.


Rat (1996, 2008)

General Forecast: Luck this year is average, which means more effort should be put into their academic work.
Health and Safety: Be careful when engaging in water activities like swimming.
Reminder: Do everything in moderation. Not too much play. Not too much study. Not too much work.

4Rabbit (1999,2011)

General Forecast: Rabbits are the luckiest this year and they should take advantage because next year might not be good for them. It will be easier for them to achieve their goals. Life will also be smooth sailing.
Health and Safety: They should not stay out too much so they won’t get heat stroke or get dehydrated. They should drink plenty of water.
Reminder: Just because they are lucky this year does not mean they should waste time and laze away.

7Dog (2006)

General Forecast: The Dog’s luck is not too good this year. This is why they should spend more time with their family so they can draw support from them and not be put down.
Health and Safety: Problem is more mental, watch out for sleeplessness and worries.
Reminder: Do not worry too much.

6Ox (1997, 2009)

General Forecast: Luck is better this year. Life, including school work, will be easier and smooth-sailing.
Health and Safety: Watch out for respiratory diseases like coughs and colds.
Reminder: Take advantage of your luck this year and work harder at school so you can open up more opportunities for yourself.

10Horse (2002, 2014)

General Forecast: The Horse has an achievement star this year. This means, they will have plenty of opportunities coming their way. Although their luck isn’t that great, the “achievement star” on their charts will smoothen the path.
Health and Safety: Get enough sleep.
Reminder: You must still put in more effort. Be practical.

tigerTiger (1998, 2010)

General Forecast: Luck is not so good. They will lose their focus easily and get distracted. It will also be harder to reach their goals.
Health and Safety: Tigers should be careful when engaging in sports or outdoor activities, even something as ordinary as crossing the streets.
Reminder: Be more disciplined and try to focus on your goals. Be cautious. This is not the year to take risks.

RoosterRooster (2005)

General Forecast: Relationships this year are smoother. They will excel in group work and it will be easier for them to work with people.
Health and Safety: Watch out for home safety.
Reminder: To teeners, don’t party too much or go out with friends at the expense of your health.

SnakeSnake (2001, 2013)

General Forecast: The Snakes are lucky this year. They’ll be more creative and will have more opportunities given to them. They will also enjoy support and get help from people.
Health and Safety: No major issue health-wise except that Snakes should avoid overindulging.
Reminder: Go to happy events like birthday parties to increase the luck.


Dragon (2000, 2012)

General Forecast: Dragons will have more opportunities to do group work. Working with others in teams will make achieving goals this year easier.
Health and Safety: Keep safe and take care of your well being. Do not worry so much. Rest your eyes.
Reminder: Team is the keyword. So learn to compromise and do not insist on having your own way.

GoatGoat (2003, 2015)

General Forecast: Goats will be given the chance to use their skills, abilities, or talents to challenge the status quo.
Health and Safety: Watch out for w;ater-related activities. Be careful. Don’t overtax yourself. Rest.
Reminder: Don’t be afraid to try something new or different.


Pig (2007, 1995)

General Forecast: Pigs have the “benefactor star” this year, which means they will always have help when they need it. They however have the tendency to overreact and overanalyze.
Health and Safety: Better than last year.
Reminder: Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Clear the air. Don’t keep it bottled up inside.

You can find Princess Lim Fernandez at the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony, ground level, New World Makati Hotel