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Modern Mama

Cat Arambulo-Antonio talks about balancing family, work, and feeling beautiful

Cat Arambulo-Antonio is Mustela’s modern mama of two, going on three, who wears many hats. Beyond being a known blogger and digital influencer, she is also a fashion icon and interior designer. She is known to keep a busy schedule, shuttling to and from meetings for brand collaborations, creating content for her social media channels, spending time with her family, and running her growing household. All this on her plate and yet she manages to resonate a relaxed and positive spirit.

Photo taken from Instagram/catarambulo

Photo taken from Instagram/catarambulo

One may wonder, how does she manage to do all that and remain all smiles? “In work and in life, I believe in time management,” she shares. “As a wife and a mom, I try to get my work done when my husband is at the office or when my children are at school and asleep. This is so that when they are home, I can dedicate all of my time to them,” shares Cat, whose roles as wife and mother are high on the list of her priorities and this may be because of how she is able to see pregnancy and motherhood as beautiful blessings.

“I love that being pregnant means carrying a life. It boggles my mind to know that there is a human being growing inside of me and it is such a miracle,” she confides. Cat also sees motherhood as one of life’s most rewarding challenges—seeing how her role has direct impact on the kind of people her children will grow up to be. “It is my hope to raise good citizens and loving people,” she says emphatically.

Being a good mother and balancing the different roles she plays in life is every modern mama’s greatest challenge. But according to Cat, it isn’t that complicated. She believes women need to make time for themselves. They need to make time to exercise, to stay strong and healthy. They need to pamper themselves and feel beautiful. And most of all, they need to use the right products during the time their bodies are stretched and pushed to the limit during pregnancy and after birth.

“I love the Mustela Maternité line. It has everything! The breast firming serum, the light legs gel. While there are some changes that women cannot avoid, there are ways to decrease their effects on the body. I especially love the stretch marks prevention cream and oil. I use them every day!” she enthuses.

Mustela’s products are not only clinically effective and safe, but are also designed to make expectant women and mothers’ skin feel soft, supple and beautiful. According to Cat, as a modern mama, being able to give the best of yourself to your family and your work is a lot about feeling beautiful inside and out. “You need to take care of yourself,” she wisely advises. “Because if you look good, you feel good too.”,, Facebook/MustelaPhilippines and Instagram/@mustelaphilippines on Instagram