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News anchor Iya Villania talks about babies and how she’s all set to get pregnant this year

With her busy schedule, Iya Villania tries to keep her life organized. After all, there is just no time to worry over small things like the time of an appointment or a grocery list.

But Iya, who recently surprised lucky shoppers who bought Switch and Save products at Watsons, Mall of Asia, has even the bigger things all planned out. Having been married for two years now, she and husband Drew Arellano are now prepping for pregnancy.iya

“We’ve decided to have kids na this year. So last year pa lang, I have already been taking folic acid and vitamins. I would like to think that the past couple of years that I had gotten into fitness was also me preparing for motherhood. I was already conditioning my body for what’s to come,” says Iya, who confesses to loving Watsons’ tropical berry and coconut scented hand soap.

She even has the “spacing” all mapped out. She wants two years in between kids.

“Originally, I wanted to have five kids. But then Drew said, ‘Can we have one first?’ Now, I’m entertaining just three but then again, two is also okay. Medyo nakakatakot magkaroon ng tatlo because then you’ll have a middle child. If I have more time to space them, okay lang. I can have the second child soon after the first and then the third one, after several years. But I am already 29. If you think about it, I would be 36 by the time I give birth to the third child. That’s already too risky.”

According to Iya, who is currently the showbiz anchor of 24 Oras in GMA-7 and host of an upcoming GMA show Lipsync Battle, it wasn’t really hard to live a healthy lifestyle because Drew is also active and very health-conscious. In fact, she exercises more now than she ever did when she was single, not because she needs to but because it is now more convenient. “I don’t need to go to the gym. I could just bike around the village or run around the area, or swim at home.”

For Valentine’s, the couple will go to New Zealand where her husband will compete for a triathlon event. Although Iya is also a triathlete, having run the TriUnited and IronMan last year, she is staying on the sidelines this year. “It’s really a three-in-one thing. Valentine’s, anniversary, and triathlon. Am not joining though. Spectator lang. I can’t really train as hard now because we really want to get pregnant this year. So last year, talagang tinodo ko na because I knew I won’t be able to do it after. Besides, I wanted to make sure that I’d win.”