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Wanted: The right leader

The Filipinos are not asking for a perfect president, just someone who will honestly serve the country

Rodrigo Duterte

Ninety-three days before the Philippine election and it is getting harder to choose who should be the rightful leader for the Philippines.

The past six years of President Benigno Aquino III’s term in our country wasn’t an easy road. He needed to face issues and big events such as Super Typhoon Yolanda, SAF 44, APEC, the Papal Visit, and more. When his term ends in less than three months, what the Filipinos need is a new leader ready to face the pressure of corruption, poverty, education, climate change, and many others.

But even right before the elections, some candidates are already starting to disappoint the country through the promises they couldn’t keep and responsibilities they failed to do.

ALL EYES AND EARS  Top: Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte at Rappler's #TheLeaderIWant Forum; Above: Students of the De La Salle University Manila listen to Duterte and vice presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetano.

ALL EYES AND EARS Top: Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte at Rappler’s #TheLeaderIWant Forum; Above: Students of the De La Salle University Manila listen to Duterte and vice presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetano.

Students of De La Salle University (DLSU) were not at all very happy with the recent presidential forum #TheLeaderIWant organized by Rappler in the university. Out of the six presidential candidates (Jejomar Binay, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe, Mar Roxas, and Roy Señeres) and five vice presidential candidates (Alan Peter Cayetano, Francis Escudero, Gregorio Honasan, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., and Leni Robredo), only one tandem showed up, Duterte and Cayetano. Instead of a debate, what happened was a presentation of platforms and answering of questions from the two candidates.

“I give them credit that they went out of their way for this event to push through even though the other candidates backed out. It’s a plus point for them for showing that once they commit to one thing, they really do it. It’s unfortunate that they weren’t given the chance to debate with other candidates and we cannot compare how their characters and ideas differ from those of the other candidates,” says Thomas Bienvenida, a senior AB Psychology student of DLSU.

In the forum, Duterte put an emphasis that if he won the election, he would eradicate crime in the country within six months.

“If I become president, there is no such thing as bloodless cleansing. Give me three to six months,” he told the students with full conviction.

The tandem also tackled issues about making the country a better place to live in by creating infrastructure and providing fast internet speed, equality under the law, providing solution to the heavy traffic through regional development, inclusive economy leading to federalism, poverty alleviation, and local government code. Due to lack of time, however, they failed to talk about international relations, educational reforms, and science and research. But they did leave the audience with a promise of creating a crime-free country in less than a year.

“If in six months, you don’t feel safer, that more than half of the drug pushers either stopped, or are gone, that you cannot walk the streets feeling safe, if in six months you are not satisfied with him, he will resign and I will join him,” says Cayetano.

We’ll see about that.

  • Bern Apuli

    wala ng iba kung si duterte at cayetano lmang ang mkaka ayos sa ating bansa

  • David Domingo

    para sa pag babago sila ang nararapat, galing nyo po talaga Duterte Cayetano

  • Troy Ballaga

    sa totoo lang po buo na ang loob namin sa mga plano ni mayor duterte at sen cayetano kaya po wala na akong ibang iboboto DUTERTE/CAYETANO na!

  • Romeo Rosales

    wala ng makaka pigil sa tunay na pag babago na gustong ibahagi satin ng tambalang duter at cayetano

  • Ronald Dino

    Duterte is realy big help to our country mabuhay kayu ni Cayetano

  • Omar Nunez

    sa pamamagitan ng yung galing mayor at matalinong kaisipan muling babangun ang ating bansa

  • Alan Cortez

    Bilib aq sa tambalang ito mabilis na aksyon at hindi pangako suportado ka namin Duter Cayetano na

  • Cheska Moni

    Duterte and Cayetano na po talaga! ang ganda ng tandem nyo!

  • Daniel Bautista

    Duterte-Cayetano tayo para sa tunay na pagbabago! at tayo mga kababayan ang magsisimula nito kung sila ang ating iboboto sa darating na halalan. maganda ang kanilang plano sa pilipinas hindi tulad ng iba na puro ka epalan at kakupalan ang alam.

  • Angelica Reyes

    napaka ganda ng plano at plataporma ng Duterte-Cayetano tandem sa ating bansa! hangad nila ang kapayapaan ang pag unlad ng Pilipinas hindi tara na at magka isa tayo para mailuklok sila sa pwesto.