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What’s your color

Your animal sign will attract good vibes this year if you stock your wardrobe with these shades


You’re the hopeless romantic. People love you for your tenderness, grace, and sensitivity. Your lucky color is pink. Toughen up the dainty shade by wearing masculine pieces with it.


You are fiercely independent. Your loyalty makes you one of the best friends around. Your lucky color is green. Go for deep emeralds which look flattering on most skin tones.


You exude confidence! You inspire others with your lively and intellectual personality. Your lucky color is gold. When donning this flashy hue, opt for silhouettes which provide more coverage.


People flock around you because of your warmhearted and easygoing personality. Your lucky color is brown. It can be tricky to pull off, so go for unique silhouettes and fabrics.


Your career is your top priority, but you are also very versatile. Your lucky color is white. For a fresh, stylish outfit that never goes out of style, wear it from head to toe.


You are a natural leader. Much of your time is devoted to your passions in life. Your lucky color is red. To stand out even more, go for a monochromatic outfit.


You are sophisticated and popular. You embody spirit and vitality. Your lucky color is blue. Make it pop by pairing it with black.


You are powerful, independent, and brave. Your charisma is magnetic. Your lucky color is orange. Tone down its vibrancy with muted neutrals.


You’re an artist or a writer. Your humor and wit make for interesting conversations. Your lucky color is black. Keep your all-black outfits from looking boring by playing with different textures.


You are quite the fashionista. You are bright and communicative. Your lucky color is yellow. Mix it with white for a bright and sunny look!


You’re everyone’s little miss sunshine. You are the optimist and the mediator. Your lucky color is gray. Avoid looking drab by throwing in some sparkly accessories.


You’re quiet, but your wisdom goes beyond your years. You’re a natural businesswoman. Your lucky color is purple. Ground this regal hue with black accessories.