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Manulife introduces US dollar fund

Manulife Philippines launched a new investment fund that promises customers the opportunity to optimize the potential returns of their foreign currency insurance investments.

In a statement, Ryan Charland, Manulife Philippines president and chief executive, announced their new product, the USD Global Target Income Fund, that invests in a diversified portfolio, covering global equities, bonds, and other assets.

According to Charland, the new Manulife product targets to deliver a higher US dollar payout rate per annum than the usual US dollar time deposits.

He also said that USD Global Target Income Fund is designed to weather market seasonality to achieve the most favorable balance of income and capital growth through dynamic asset allocation across a diverse range of asset classes and geographies.

“We are always on the lookout to bring our customers the best return on their investment, while minimizing the accompanying risk. We are constantly innovating to make sure that we meet their evolving financial needs,” Charlene said

Investing into the Manulife USD Global Target Income Fund is open to customers who avail of Manulife’s Affluence Gold and Affluence Gold Max products for a minimum investment of $2,500 and $12,500, respectively.

In  a related development, Manulife Philippines recently launched its new program that rewards customers with discounted premiums for living a more active lifestyle.