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Finding the perfect earbuds

There are many people like me who are constantly on their earphones while working out, doing chores or commuting around the city. It has become a sort of lifestyle to pass time with music, radio, podcasts or audiobooks when undertaking a number of routine tasks—especially those that include a lot of standing around and waiting in line. The whole endeavor might even prove enjoyable with the quality of what you are listening to, but the medium being used can make or break the overall experience.

Technology had already freed us from the entanglement of wires with different types of Bluetooth headsets and wheadphones entering the market. There are some who find them very stylish and convenient, yet there are those who consider them too flashy to wear around every day or too bulky to use when engaging in sports activities—and so the product continues to evolve, this time into Wireless Earbuds.

Several companies had already begun to stir the pot in various conferences and crowd-funding sites. One that stands out is Phazon.  Phazon promises to deliver the world’s first one-size-fits-all Wireless Earbuds with great sound quality, comfortable stable feel, and a good looking finish. As of this writing, their page at the popular crowd-funding site,, was a staggering 1,822% funded from their initial target, raising an amount of $1,471,895 USD from eager supporters around the globe. Let us now delve deeper into its features—

The Earbuds themselves are 19mm-15mm-18mm, small enough to fit snugly into your ear without falling by way of its special form factor and a simple twist motion. They have been tested with over 500 people and all agreed that the fit was comfortable. This was achieved after testing hundreds of 3D printed prototypes with consultations from top audiologists, taking advantage of a common inner-ear pattern that everyone has. It is also expected to come in multiple colors namely Crimson, Lush, Perse, Graphite, Ashen and Midnight Blue.

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Phazon also comes with Bluetooth connectivity of up to 30 meters in range, also optimized for low battery usage. Its wireless capabilities can even reach underwater of up to 1 meter, making full use of its waterproof characteristic. You can now add swimming to the list of exercises you can enjoy with music.

The product would also be released with an app for both Apple and Android users. It can be used to monitor battery life from a 50mAh lithium-ion pack; capable of running for 6 hours of continuous play and 300 hours on stand-by. Charging time has been tested to reach 80% for only 20 minutes using Phazon’s storage/charging case, though the indiegogo page also states that an hour is expected for a complete recharge. Another feature of the app is its equalizer; where you can fine-tune the bass, treble and other audio settings depending on the music. But the app’s most notable use might very well be its ability to track the Earbuds themselves. Should these tiny devices be lost or misplaced, the app can hone in on their location with an active distance-measurement display.

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Phazon also stresses its commitment to sound quality, making use of 16-bit stereo speakers akin to major high-end audio companies. They also claim to collaborate with a world renowned sound specialist from the product’s conceptualization.

Phazon will be shipped worldwide by September 2016 for $199 USD (minus shipping fees). But bear in mind the risks of purchasing a relatively new gadget, it may carry a bug or two with its initial mass market release. Similar Wireless Earbuds like the “Earin” and the “Bragi Dash” experienced a variety of problems (sound cutting out under different settings) when tested by The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey A. Fowler during the recent CES 2016 conference in Las Vegas.

A time will come when even the best Wireless Earbuds would be stashed away in favor of something much more advanced—but whatever the next step may be, out-of-the-box thinking combined with Science and Engineering will surely concoct a wonderful brew.

  • Gerry Carlo Mendoza Ceniza

    I tried almost wireless earbuds and I say Earin is the best out now.