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Romance made in the kitchen

China Cojuangco is a self-confessed romantic.In fact, her super kilig love story with husband chef Gino Gonzales is one for the books.

It all started when China enrolled at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) where Gino, son of celebrity chef Gene Gonzalez, was one of the chef-instructors.

China Cojuangco  and family

China Cojuangco
and family

“When I enrolled in CACS, I overheard that Gino was checking out my enrollment form. Apparently, he already had a secret crush on me way before,” China said, laughing.

China tells Gossip Girl how she opened up to her parents when she got pregnant. Note that for the old rich, this baby-first-before-the-wedding scenario is a no-no.

But China marches to her own beat. She believes that when you are true to yourself, that is when you will receive respect. Eventually, her mom and dad saw things her way and accepted her decision wholeheartedly.

Now the two are happily married and parents to a lovely little angel they call Lucia.

China said, “Between me and Gino, I think I’m the disciplinarian. But it’s very easy to deal with Lucia, she’s may be chatty but she’s so smart. I’m hoping to have a boy by next year because I will be 38 years old by then. It’s quite hard to have a baby when you’re older, as you might not be able to walk already when they grow up. But I do believe that age is how you live and how you feel and what age you think you are.”

As a TV host, mother, chef instructor, and wife, I asked China how she prioritizes her roles.

She related, “Being a wife is easy, Gino and I both teach in our school. Although this coming summer we will be busier since I will be having cooking classes and teaching children from ages three and above kitchen and knife skills. Being a mother, I’m obsessive-compulsive. As a host and businesswoman, I plan my month way ahead. As a daughter? That’s another story.”

A SELF-CONFESSED AlDub fan, China managed to get fansigns from Alden Richards and Maine Mendoz (below)

A SELF-CONFESSED AlDub fan, China managed to get fansigns from Alden Richards and Maine Mendoz (below)

And how does the couple unwind?

“We’re all about food. We really like restaurant-hopping. I would say we have probably already covered fifty percent of Manila’s restaurants. We also try restos out of the country. For my last birthday, we went to Vietnam. There, we covered twenty restaurants in five days,” China related. (All photos courtesy of China Cojuangco)