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Motech Automotive, Autobacs Seven sign deal to expand to ASEAN

Motech Automotive, a Philippine-grown automotive company, signed a partnership deal with Japan-based Autobacs Seven Co. Ltd., a major automotive brand in the ASEAN region. This new alliance was signed following the recent developments in ASEAN integration, with the goal of opening 500 Motech centers in the region.

The partnership is expected to create a high quality global brand that aims to elevate the standards of service and parts to a level that is at par with Japanese and Autobacs standards. To achieve this, transfer of service technology and knowledge is needed to meet the ever-changing automotive technologies. In addition, a local training center will also be established.


“The combination of the two brands is geared to meet the various demands of consumers across the different segments of automotive after-warranty market of the different ASEAN countries. Our vision and goal is to open 500 Motech centers in the ASEAN and become the leading automotive service center in the region,” said Eugene Sergio Naguiat, Motech Automotive President.

Motech Automotive, founded in Pampanga in 1977, is known in automotive circles for its standardized quality parts and excellent services to the after-warranty segment (categorized as vehicles with lapsed warranties from the Original Equipment Manufacturer). In the last two years alone, the company has closed 37 franchise agreements in addition to the six operational company-owned stores. By 2020, Motech Automotive has set its sights on opening 100 stores to meet the demands of the Philippine market.

Autobacs Seven is the world-wide master franchiser of Autobacs chain, the single largest specialty automotive franchise chain in Asia. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the Autobacs Group operates a franchise chain of 611 retail stores, including 30 stores overseas, which offer a one-stop shopping experience for automotive parts and accessories as well as installation services. Autobacs is known in the region for its technology and expertise in the automotive industry.

“This alliance allows us to have the synergy of Japanese branding and high quality service and parts, fused with our localized and personalized business model. This will be further developed to cater not only to the Philippines but also to other ASEAN countries. With our personalized services and Autobacs’ technological expertise, we will create a revolutionary change in the industry, especially in the quick service automotive segment,”Naguiatsaid.

Publicly-listed Autobacs Seven is the world-wide master franchiser of Autobacs chain, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Autobacs Group operates a franchise chain that consists of 611 retail stores (as of March 31, 2015, and including 30 overseas stores), which offer the one-stop shopping experience of the automotive parts and accessories with installation services all under one roof. The Group’s main store brands are Autobacs, Super Autobacs (Mega store), Autobacs SecohanIchiba(selling second-hand parts and accessories), and Autobacs EXPRESS (Mini Autobacs with gasoline station). The group is also into the sales and purchase business of automobiles using the brand of “AUTOBACS C@RS”. The Group generates revenue through wholesale operations, retail operations and others.

Motech Automotive founded by Rommel Naguiat in 1977 provides standardized quality parts and services to the after-warranty market, which can be categorized as customer’s whose vehicles’ warranty from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) have elapsed. Driven by their core values of MALASAKIT, a Filipino word used to encompass the traits sympathy, attentiveness, service and integrity, Motech uses its technical know-how to provide its customers the best care for their vehicles and become the leading automotive service provider in the country.

From its humble beginnings of operating six corporate stores, the company began its further expansion of stores in September, 2013 through franchising. Under the company, Magnificent’7 Automotive and Franchising Company, Inc., the company has sold 37 franchise agreements all over the country.