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SAP has recently announced that Bonheur Marketing Corp., one of the front-runners in the Philippines that provides distribution capabilities to its partners in the fast-moving-consumer-products industry, integrated the SAP Business One software to address their data management and finance processes needs.

SAP Business One is a business management software designed to meet the needs of dynamically growing companies as well as subsidiaries of large enterprises.

The solution is available both on premise and in the cloud, providing clients with unparalleled SAP functionality.

The implementation was spearheaded by SAP channel partner, DataFront Solutions, Inc. (DFSI), which leverages IT and business consulting to provide advanced solutions to clients across industries.

According to Marty Alvarado, Executive Vice President for Bonheur, disparities in report generation as well as inventory costing inaccuracies required them to tap SAP Business One software to gain clarity across their business, and restore confidence in their day-to-day operations.

“There were delayed submissions of financial and government mandatory reports prior to the installation of the SAP Business One solution.

“Our in-house system failed to consolidate our data and our  reports were prone to human errors, hindering accurate business visibility. We were looking for a solution to consolidate our warehouse data and gain better insight into our delivery process.

“Now, we are able to realize more accurate, up-to-date data across all our sales, finance and administration reports, which helps us much better  in developing and managing the business for future growth.”

With the new solution in place, Bonheur is now able to manage every aspect of their business, streamlining their key processes from accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to supply chain management and purchasing, all of which helped improve their market position by at least ten percent.

In addition, Bonheur was also able to boost their sales, accounting, credit and collection, as well as warehouse and HR functions.

All this allowed the company to realize at least 20 percent in cost savings, increased efficiency and work productivity, and enabled better time management and a reduction in operating costs.


klabSince their establishment in 2007, KLab Cyscorpions Inc. has developed entertainment apps, and has since built solid footing in mobile games such as Red Revenge, Sonic Surge, and The Fort, among others.

Partnered with Philippines Urban Living Solutions, Inc. (PULS), KLab Cyscorpions recently inaugurated a dormitory for their employees to stay, which is not far from their headquarters in Bonifacio Global City. A shuttle service is also provided for transportation going to the office and back to the dormitory.

The company has reached its corporate goal in social responsibility by with this convenience. The project aims to become a catalyst for change to better take care of their employees.

It’s believed the shortened travel distance will reduce stress and fatigue from their employees, and continue to be inspired to develop ideas that are innovative and would appeal to the mobile gaming community.

“We are happy to have provided KLab with a tailor-made corporate housing solution, and are honored to have them as a corporate client.” Mark Kooijman, Founder and CEO of PULS, said.

“We believe that a good living environment equals more productivity, more inspiration and skills enhancement for talented individuals,” KLab Cysocrpions President and CEO, Taro Noguchi said, “we are delighted to partner with Philippines Urban Living Solutions, Inc. and present our M y Town London dormitory project as an alternative solution for our employees who travel from remote provinces to work, and who are affected by traffic conditions in the metro.”


Autodesk, Inc. recently announced Autodesk SeeControl, a comprehensive new platform powering the Internet of Things that allows customers to capture, analyze and use data from remote products.  Acquired by Autodesk in September 2015, the new SeeControl offering will help manufacturers gain competitive advantage by optimizing their existing products and capturing the intelligence required to offer their customers innovative new services.

“The future of making products in the machinery and specialty vehicles industries is changing quickly and the expectations for online services have increased,” said Brian Roepke, senior director of Product Lifecycle Management and Internet of Things at Autodesk. “The addition of SeeControl to the Autodesk line of IoT services will help businesses gain competitive advantage by optimizing existing products and capturing the necessary intelligence to offer their customers new services.”

The Internet of Things refers to the growing ecosystem of physical things embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that are connected to the Internet and to each other. When these things are products sold to end customers, manufacturers can gather and stream data about how they are being used to offer valuable insights, allowing them to respond to the needs of their markets and individual customers. Connected products also create new insights for the people who design and make them, helping companies better understand their use and improve them over time.

For several years, manufacturers have been developing, manufacturing and bringing connected products to market using Autodesk cloud services like Fusion 360 and PLM 360. Now, with the addition of Autodesk SeeControl, the company has bolstered its cloud-based Product Innovation Platform with analytics that will enable its customers to achieve smarter, more predictive monitoring and achieve greater competitive separation.

Autodesk SeeControl allows manufacturers to monitor how their product performs in the real world and use live data to optimize future versions. They can keep products running at peak levels, identify potential for failure before it happens and schedule maintenance downtime when it is least disruptive.