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1M studes enjoy schooling more through Quipper as e-learning boost to K-to-12

With Quipper School, students from Sta. Lucia High School in Quezon City have increased their engagement in everyday learning. As the Philippines elevates its state of education through the K-to-12 program, local learning institutions have also leveled-up in integrating advanced solutions with the power of information and communications technology (ICT).

This is in keeping stead with the rest of the world as the basic education program has been implemented nationwide through institutionalizing relevant curriculum, integrated and seamless learning as well as making our learners future ready, among many other initiatives.

studentse-learning service provider Quipper is at the forefront in helping the Department of Education (DepEd), schools, teachers, and students transition to K-12 by redefining the teaching and learning experience with ICT-based services that have significantly increased the level of learning.

Two years since starting its operations in the country, Quipper has been steadily making its presence felt in Philippine education:

•There are already 1 million Filipino students registered on the platform.

•Among them, almost 70% come from the National Capital Region, where close to 75% are in high school.

Increasing adoption: Quipper Philippines General Manager Yuki Naotori said that:

“As of September 2015, there are about 1,400 schools in 165 divisions of the DepEd across the archipelago currently benefitting from the services of Quipper.

“From these, Quipper has forged partnerships with 310 schools in 31 divisions. Almost 200,000 students are enjoying learning through our platform monthly.”

“As a catalyst in e-learning, we are addressing changes and challenges in local education through technology, especially now that K-12 is fully implemented.”

“We are here to see Filipino students through while they evolve with this exciting transition, emerging as this country’s new sets of leaders,” Naotori added.


As the company’s flagship service, Quipper School operates as a free e-learning platform for teachers in educating roughly 2 million pupils in the Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico.

•Through it, educators can manage multiple classes through a customized dashboard, send and schedule their assignments as well as assess their students’ individual performances.

•Proudly created by Filipino developers, Quipper School also houses ready-made content sanctioned by DepEd School Division subject matter experts and aligned with the local curriculum and language, which double as assignments and exams.

•In relation, students can study lessons and answer accompanying questions until they master a topic. Upon answering each question, they are provided real-time feedback as well as a short explanation of the item.

•The platform also has a messaging system, allowing teachers and students to communicate even outside of class hours.