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Candy Pangilinan: a woman of many hats

English Novelist Jane Austen once wrote, “A man with many hats doesn’t like his haircut.” Gossip Girl has a different take on that. I say, a woman with many hats is remarkable.



I say this because my friend, comedienne Candy Pangilinan, is exactly that. Of course, we all know how good she is at what she does. Critics were, in fact, raving about her appearance in the movie “Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin.” Some even compared her to Maricel Soriano.

Told about it, Candy said, “To be compared with Maricel Soriano is too much for me. Honestly, I don’t feel good enough to be compared to the Diamond Star. But thank you for those who appreciated my work.”

Being a comedienne, however, is just one of Candy’s many hats. She is also a great mother.

“My son Quentin is 12 years old now. He has developed a lot. His autism has been ruled out. He is now diagnosed with ADHD but he can speak and communicate himself. It might be hard to understand him but one could get used to it. He goes to a normal progressive school with SPED teachers. He undergoes therapy,” Candy related.

Quentin has inspired Candy to write a book.

She shared, “Me and the family doctor, Dr. Francis Dimalanta, are collaborating on a book about my journey raising Quentin. My wish is for my son to be fully independent someday. I don’t know how long I will live. I just hope that before I die I may see Quentin independent and mature enough to fend for himself. I leave it all up to God.”

There’s more. Did you know that Candy is also a social entrepreneur? What’s that, you say? Well, I’ll let Candy explain.

“I am planning to gather some women/mothers living in depressed areas that are unemployed and teach them to make bags by weaving. It’s a livelihood program. It’s really in my heart that I want to help but I also need to earn. I understand the plight of mothers who are making ends meet. I can empathize with them because, as a single mother, I know and understand their struggles and difficulties.”

Asked to elaborate on the bag weaving program, she said, “We will make bags using leather or water lily. At the moment I am still looking for other raw materials that we can use other than water lily. In the end, everybody is happy.”

With hopes of getting around the problem of poverty, Candy has tapped unemployed women to teach them new skills that could help them earn some income as well. Now that’s a UP graduate!

Candy and I will be working together on TV5’s new fantaserye “Tasya Fantasya,” which starts airing on Feb. 6. Note that seasoned comedian John Lapus and young actress Shy Carlos are also in the cast.

“I feel like 2016 is the year of the comedians. A lot of us will do good because there’s an abundance of material especially (since there are) many interesting things are happening in the country,” Candy said. We definitely agree.