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Catch the action inside your vehicles

It’s a crazy, crazy world out there. Time and again, CCTVs have proven to have contributed in capturing on tape misdeeds: Criminal activities such as robberies, burglaries, and whatnot.

These times we hear news about wild drivers that wreaks havoc in the streets of Manila. It’s never too safe to gear up for whatever that could happen. Transcend makes it a breeze with their DrivePro 520. It’s a video recorder designed for vehicles.1

This device can record up to 1080p Full HD Resolution videos. In times of unwanted scenarios, such as car accidents, you’ll have solid evidence that you’re clear. And you don’t even have to move a pinky to do it.

The DrivePro 520 can be mounted on your car’s windshield either by using a suction mount or an adhesive mount, either way is fine. What’s important is setting up the camera where it has full view of all the action. It’s up to you if you decide to put it up discreetly or not. Either way has their ups.

For instance, someone seeing a camera that could possibly be recording his movements may stir them off from turning to beast mode. The suction mount works best if you don’t want to mess up your windshield’s shine because of the sticky tape that the adhesive mount uses, although the adhesive mount offers a more secure fit in your windshield.

For the camera to last longer while it’s on, the DrivePro 520 uses a rechargeable Li-Polymer 430mAh battery.

The battery would last for one whole round trip, so there’s little need to charge between journeys. Besides, you won’t be traveling the whole day so it’s quite guaranteed the camera will last as long as it needs to be. When in doubt, it ships out with a car charging adapter, so feel free to go wild in recording. You’re only challenge now is having enough memory space.

The DrivePro 520 ships out with 32GB microSD card right off the box! Thank you Transcend, this is quite thoughtful of you. Even at a 1080p resolution, you should be good to record for several hours. Consider it this way, a single Lord of the Rings movie at HD has about 1-2GB, approximately, and runs for almost 3 hours. So, how much more you can record with 32GB? You do the math, that’s a lot.

Another cool thing about the DrivePro is  the rear camera that captures videos in 30 frames per second, which is more detail you’ll ever need to capture all the bling inside and outside the vehicle.

The car video recorder also has a built-in GPS receiver, so it would automatically locate you position in any location, and also with its built-in Wi-FI, your loved ones can also access video feed from your recorder so they will know where you are.

Another useful feature that the DrivePro 520 is the G-Sensor system, whichy detects collision and will immediately activate the camera. Quite useful for possible confrontations that may happen. This feature ensures that the recording will not be deleted or corrupted in the DrivePro 520.

There’s also a Snapshot function that captures still images, which is just as useful.

The Transcend DrivePro 520 is not for everyone, we’ll give you that. But it’s for anyone who wants a peace of mind while driving in case something happens. Collisions, angry confrontations, or anything unpleasant. It is a pseudo-insurance device where people will have something to fall back to when it comes to providing evidences in proving one thing or another. It also gives them ammunition to upload into social media, which will surely cause a ruckus if it goes viral. We don’t recommend that, only hand the videos to the authories, keep a back up for yourself, and no need to go too wild. (By CA Garcia)


Weight: 108g (3.81oz)
Front Lens: F/1.8, 130 degree wide angle
Rear Lens: F/2.8, 110 degree angle
Microphone: Built-in
Resolution/Frame rate
Front lens: 1920 x 1080P (30fps) Max.
Rear lens: 1280 x 720P (30fps)
Video Formats: H.264 (MOV: up to 1920×1080 30fps)
Memory Card Support: MLC-based microSD card, 8GB/16GB/32GB
(Class 10 or above)
Connection Interface: USB 2.0
Network Interface: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Battery: 430mAh

  • Reggie de Leon

    Front lense not that wide as others with 170 degree.

  • Reggie de Leon

    Front lense not that wide as others with 170 degree.

  • Reggie de Leon

    Front lense not that wide as others with 170 degree.