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Lipsmacking hot meals for every kind of diet, luxurious lounges with video conference rooms, and 24 state-of-the-art shower suites—how are these for redefining your flight experience?

Never again will I take airplane food for granted. Not after seeing what that delicious dish handed inside a lunch bag, warm still and fresh, went through.

Each dish served on Cathay Pacific’s 190 flights to various destinations around the world, whether on coach or business class, is cooked to perfection by chefs with different specialties, schooled in worldclass culinary traditions. Whipped up in its dedicated kitchens and bakery is a wide range of authentic Asian and Western cuisines. There are self-contained Halal, Japanese, Kosher kitchens, as well as a Special Meal kitchen, where dishes for people with special dietary needs  are prepared.

Each dish conforms to the highest quality standards in both taste and plating. Preparations begin at the warehouse Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS) hours before a flight. Ingredients are double-checked to ensure that the products comply with the high standards set by the company and its frequent flyers. Fresh produce are inspected, washed, and processed daily before distribution to the CPCS bakery and central hot kitchens. The bakery churns out more than 80 kinds and approximately 80,000 pieces of baked items, including 30,000 soft rolls and 8,000 croissants and muffins daily. The central hot kitchen is where different cuisines from all over the world are produced. Cooked food is prepared strictly in accordance to the passengers’ specifications.

  • Cathay Pacific's Iconic Solus Chair

    Cathay Pacific's Iconic Solus Chair

  • comfy seats with a runway view at The Bridge

    comfy seats with a runway view at The Bridge

  • a delightful Asian cuisine of Cathay Pacific

    A delightful Asian cuisine of Cathay Pacific

  • Manila Lounge's Noodle Bar

    Manila Lounge's Noodle Bar

  •  the state-of-the-art shower suites

    The state-of-the-art shower suites

  • wood and stone vibes to make every passenger feel at home at the Manila Lounge

    wood and stone vibes to make every passenger feel at home at the Manila Lounge

Once everything is ready, dishes are carefully placed into meal carts, with the appetizers, desserts, and cutlery, ready to be transferred to the outbound section where it is stored in dispatch cold rooms and checked by the CPCS catering coordinators. Once everything is in place, refrigerated hi-loader trucks transport the meals to the aircraft, just in time for departure.

The first-class service, however, is not limited on board. At the Cathay Pacific lounge, your trip is nothing short of luxurious, whether you’re in Manila or in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world.

Located at the fourth level of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, near Gate 114, the Manila lounge adopts a studio-type design. The 650-square-meter room can seat approximately 135 people and offers a cozy nook for First Class and Business Class passengers to relax in before their flight. Warm, organic materials, like wood and stone, will instantly make you feel at home, motivate you to read a book with a cup of coffee, or get some work done with Wi-Fi and built in sockets at every table. No stress and creased foreheads allowed.

The lounge’s Noodle Bar offers a selection of Asian noodles including dandan mien and wonton noodle soup. Filipino breakfast is also served. At the Bar, passengers can enjoy a wide selection of tapas, desserts, freshly blended cocktails, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, over at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), the airline offers six different lounges tailored to meet passengers’ every need and whim.

The Bridge, the newest of the six lounges, is conveniently located at the fifth level of The West Concourse of the airport, near Gate 35. The 2,567-square-meter lounge offers passengers an inviting environment that will make passengers feel relaxed at home. The North Wing lounge is known for its bakery, which offers freshly baked breads, pizzas, sandwiches, pastries, Asian and Western soups, and fresh salads. It also has the airline’s iconic Long Bar with a television lounge and seating area. The South Wing is where you can enjoy high quality Asian dishes at the Bistro, and a special tea selection at the Coffee Loft.

The ultra-modern lounge The Cabin by Gate 23 of HKIA is a 1,339-square-meter space that introduces brand new seating and dining concepts, foremost of which is the innovative and unique Cathay Solus Chair. It has five different zones: The Reception; The IT Zone, which boasts of high speed Wi-Fi, 11 computers, six iMacs, 20 Wi-Fi-enabled iPads installed with the latest apps, and a video conference suite; The Deli for made-to-order sandwiches, antipasti, and salads; The Health Bar; and The Relaxing Zone.

The recently refurbished The Wing now offers a new level of comfort and service for passengers with its 1,935-square-meter Business Class Lounger on the 7th level of HKIA and 1,002-square-meter Business Class Lounge on Level 6. Among the many changes and upgrades is the signature Noodle Bar that now serves Chinese-style buns or bao and Char Siu Bao. It also doubled its seating capacity and has a larger open-ceiling space with ample sunlight and live bamboo decorations. Its Business Class section houses 24 shower suites where passengers can freshen up before departures.

The Pier First, exclusive for first class passengers along with selected Marco Polo Club members, contains an elegant in-house spa and cocktails. Its suites are furnished with a day bed and a reading light. It offers personalized massage treatments to prepare you for your journey and shower rooms with premium amenities. The Pier for the Business Class passengers is undergoing massive renovation. It will open this year.

The Arrival Lounge at the fifth floor, between Terminal 1 and 2 of HKIA, is where you’ll receive personal service from shower attendants who will hand you your towels and personal amenities. Just like the elegant service of all the other lounges, light snacks and full meals are on offer. It’s smaller compared to the other lounges, just right for a little privacy to unwind or catch up on work before your flight.

“We are committed to offering our passengers the best lounges in the world. Our significant investments in offering the very best to our passengers on the ground and on board will continue enhancing the passengers’ overall experience when flying with Cathay,” says Cathay Pacific chief operating officer Ivan Chu.