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Call them ‘Daesh’ not ISIS or ISIL, says AFP

In the wake of the latest deadly terrorist attack in Jakarta, Indonesia that left at least seven people dead and dozens wounded, the media and general public were urged yesterday by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to stop calling “ISIS” (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) by its chosen name, and instead refer to it as “Daesh,” an acronym for the Arabic phrase “al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham” (ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL) which ISIS militants do not favor.

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Major Emmanuel Garcia of the AFP’s information development group, said this is to lessen the self-proclaimed “Islamic State’s” appeal to vulnerable sectors.

Garcia stressed the call is being made as a result of the AFP’s discussions with Islamic scholars and Muslim community leaders in the country.

“Pakiusap ’yan ng mga Islamic scholars and Muslim community leaders (It is the asked by Islamic scholars and Muslim community leaders),” he said.

In previous gatherings as early as 2014, the idea of using Daesh instead of ISIS already surfaced particularly in many Islamic religious discourse, academic settings as well as diplomatic circles, said Garcia.

The terror group prefers to be called as IS, ISIS, or ISIL, but according to Islamic leaders and scholars, the right term for the right term for the group is Daesh or “DAIISH.”

“The prevalent use of  the words IS, ISIS and ISIL when referring to the terror group established by Baghdadi works for the benefit of this terror group and contrary to our efforts to counter, isolate, deminish, deplete and defeat them,” said Garcia in a message sent to reporters covering the AFP.

ISIS which originally meant Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, which refers to the old Arabic name of the area where they initially planted the seeds of terror and where they have a stronghold.

“Levant” in ISIL, on the other hand, is the geographical term referring to the eastern shore of the Meditarranean that includes present day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria and is a modern translation of al-Sham.

Meanwhile, Daesh/DAIISH- Daesh (Daes) is an adapted acronym of their Arabic name – Dawlat al-Islamiyah f’al-Iraq w Belaad al-Sham that means “to crush, one who crushes something below or (Dahes) one who sows discord.”

“This is the same situation in 2001 during the time when Jemaah Islamiya (translated as community of Islam or Islamic Community) is gaining foothold in southern Philippines from Indonesia. Several Islamic scholars of Indonesia and Philippines recommended the use of JM or Jemaah Munafique (translated as Community of evils or evil community) instead of JI to eliminate its appeal to vulnerable Muslim groups and individuals but we kept on using JI in official reports and in the media,” said Garcia.

“We must always be conscious and purposely use Daesh when referring to this group to deny them the opportunity to propagate the idea of ISIS as a Caliphate,” read the message sent to reporters.

  • kabayandinako

    Hindi importante kung ano mang pangalan ang itawag dyan Major info. Puro kayo maraming isyu. Ang importante all out war sa mga bwaka nang inang yan para malansag agad at hindi magkamatay ang mga civilians at mga sundalo nyo.Puro kayo dada sa kabila ng halos araw araw may ambush at pinagpapapatay ang mga sundalo natin at puro dada at palusot ang ginagawa nyo sa press. Gamitin nyo ang attack helicopters at jets nyo para durugin ang mga kuta ng mga yan na alam namin na alam nyo. Ang laki ng budget nyo mula sa mga taxpayers pero ang inuuna nyo ay kung paano kayo ma-propromote , pagpapayaman sa tungkulin, at halos wala kayong pakialam kung paano mamuhay ang pangkaraniwang sundalo sa ilalim nyo na sya ninyong ikinakasa araw araw sa mga raids ng kulang sa kagamitan at supporta.