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Organize my house

Some say that you can find happiness inside a clean and organized home. Whether this thought holds true or not, what better way to start the New Year by cleaning and organizing our special place called home.   Let calmness flow by knowing where each piece of appliance, linens and utensils are placed. Save time and effort by giving them specific locations around the house and putting them back where they’re supposed to.


Why not start by bringing down your holiday decors and properly storing them for the next few months? Consider using any of the 8 apps available to help you de-clutter, arrange and manage your home for the years to come.




Featured in Forbes and The Huffington Post & Fast Company, this app will help you create a visual inventory of your belongings with photos, QR (Quick Response) labels, tags and notes. Manage, categorize and search with ease as it uses cloud backup and sync. Tag your clothes and manage your groceries with Sortly.



Tagged as “The best to-do list app” by The Verge, Wunderlist has been featured in The New York Times, Lifehacker, Tech Crunch, CNET,The Guardian, Wired and Vanity Fair to name a few. Wunderlist lets you create different lists that you need and allow you to access it in different platforms – smartphone, tablet and computer. Break the ice with your tasks and delegate easily as you can share it to family, friends and colleagues.



Wondering how to unclog a showerhead? Do you want to remove foul odors in your microwave? BrightNest is the app for you as it has over a thousand cleaning, organizing, DIY projects, and design and maintenance articles to learn about. It also schedules tasks and reminds you of the important things that matter to you.



Motivating your children to do household chores is challenging, but with the help of OurHome, it will become manageable with rewards like pocket money or having a trip to the mall. Discuss with everyone and start creating, assigning and scheduling tasks for each family member.




Here is a simple app that will continuously remind you of your chores – Clean House app. It’s like an alarm clock that will start ringing once you need to mop the floor, wash your clothes, feed the dog or even prepare dinner.



Hub is the app for every family that will help each member to share calendars, to-do lists, manage events and meetings to keep everyone updated. Do the grocery, shopping and other chores together with the Hub.



Record your chores and have a completion date using Chore Checklist–Lite. Either it’s a daily, weekly or monthly routine; this app will help you remember it. Have different lists for kitchen, living room and garage chores using this app.



Manage your time properly with the help of Fly Lady. She has ideas on how to plan your menu for the week, how to clean your house, stick to your routine, track your tasks and have a timer to not overwork each task.


After all the organizing and cleaning, did you realize how many things you’ve acquired over the years? Look at them closely and segregate the ones you’re still using and the ones you’ve forgotten about and donate the unused items or have a garage sale. It’s about time to make room for the things to come.