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Albert excited to be a grandpa, not interested in dating

Veteran actor Albert Martinez’ daughter Alyanna, a fashion stylist, is engaged. Her fiancé Roy asked for her hand in marriage at the foot of Mt. Everest.

I asked the father of the bride-to-be his thoughts on the matter and he said, “I am already excited to become a grandpa.”

He added, “I love my future son-in-law. I have gotten to know him during our Sunday barbecues. We would talk about anything and everything under the sun except his relationship with my daughter.”



Although busy with two hit primetime series airing on ABS-CBN, namely “All of Me” and “Ang Probinsiyano,” Albert always makes time to bond with his three kids Alyanna, Alfonso and Alyssa.

“I involve myself in my children’s lives. For example, recently I did the cannonball run with my son Alfonso. We tried to beat our own time and drive from Clark to Baguio to Aparri then back to Manila. With Alyanna and Alyssa both being into fashion, I join them in fashion events.”

These bonding moments excite Albert more than anything.

“One of my biggest regret in life is not having been able to spend more time with the family while Liezl was around. Back in the days, we were so focused on surviving. We should have travelled more, spent more time with each other.”

It’s been a year since Liezl passed but the handsome actor and award-winning director is not yet ready to date again.

“I don’t know if I will ever be,” he said.

He declined to talk about his departed wife.

When I told him about the many women asking my help for a hook up with him, Albert simply smiled.

I asked him his secret to looking seemingly forever young and he shared, “Nothing special, really. I just try to keep fit. At 22, I promised myself that I will stay fit for the rest of my life. Since then I started watching what I ate. I also ride the bike every other day for, say, 5-10 kilometers.”

Apart from work and his kids, Albert also devotes time to his dogs – three toy poodles and a chow chow.

“I really love dogs but when Liezel and I got married I had to do away with them because she didn’t like dogs. We didn’t have dogs for some eight years. She had a change of heart when I got one while she was in the States. I showed it to her via Skype. She fell in love. Since then I got to indulge in my passion for dogs again. I love dogs so much I even put up my own Veterinary Clinic, Ask-A-Vet. You can Google it.”