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The hunt continues with the Old Hunters: Bloodborne DLC

It’s back to the mysteries of Yharnam with FromSoftware’s follow-up DLC to their critically-acclaimed 2015 game, Bloodborne. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is not a tidbit DLC as it somewhat lengthens the original game, adding more questions rather than answers to the lore and giving the player a new line of tools to defeat beasts.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters begins after the player defeats a certain boss in the main storyline. Through the usage of a trinket found in the game’s base camp, the player is then transported into another dimension. This “Hunter’s Nightmare” stands as Old Hunter’s new stage, a place where hunters from the initial hunts are cursed to roam. But what secrets does it hold and why do hunters populate this grotesque world? The player is there to find out.


There are no significant changes when it comes to gameplay as Old Hunters never intended to reinvent the wheels and cogs of Bloodborne. Rather, the DLC adds a noteworthy number of weapons for the user to make use of. These include saw blades attached to a pole, a gatling gun, and the much teased Moonlight Great Sword, a two-handed blade that produces energy projectiles with each slash. The weapons, though menacing, may have a more weighty impact on the game’s online PvPs.

If you’re a lore hunter rummaging through the sparse storyline provided by Bloodborne, Old Hunters presents more mysteries instead. While it does expand the tale and insight of the existing world, the new characters, boss battles, and the world itself, make the player think about the grand design. Knowing and having played the games of the developers under the same vein, Bloodborne: Old Hunters leaves most loose ends for the player to interpret.

Is Bloodborne: The Old Hunters difficult? Yes. It is recommended for players to level up further after defeating the required boss. The Hunter’s Nightmare is filled with hunters that are not shy to deal one-hit damage to the player. Also, since they’re hunters, they move faster than the beasts, are extremely agile, and can effectively make use of the player’s mistakes by executing a riposte.

Should you get Bloodborne: The Old Hunters? Now is the time since the DLC is offered together with the base game in one package. Bloodborne ewards hardwork and perseverance, and Old Hunters expands that notion by adding a few more hours to the base game. Old Hunters is a definite add-on for every user that fancied Bloodborne. It enriches the already great experience and adds another facet to the dark and grim city of Yarnham. Bloodborne and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters are exclusive only to the Sony PS4. (Jose Gamaliel Felongco)