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Bozz awardees lead SMEs

Spearheaded by Smart SME Nation, the search named five Filipino mavericks out to change the future of business using digital technology. The Bozz Awards aims to recognize outstanding digital entrepreneurs that have the capability to be the next global Filipino icons in business and technology. It also intends to highlight the crucial role of digital technology in supporting the growth and sustainability of small and medium businesses in the country, and eventually serve as the main drivers of the local economy.

“Filipinos are known worldwide for their creativity and ingenuity. As more innovative digital technologies become available, we will definitely see an increase in the creative use of these technologies in promoting ideas, businesses, and advocacies. The Bozz Awards serves to highlight this creativity and recognize those who pave the way in revolutionizing the way we consume technology,” said former FVP and Head of PLDT Smart SME Nation and Wireless Consumer Head of Smart Communications, Inc. Kat Luna-Abelarde.

To broaden their horizons and help the Bozz awardees sustain their passion, the five winners each received a full-powered Smart Enterprise Biz Kit consisting of business-enhancing tools and gadgets. More importantly fifteen finalists of the Bozz Awards will be going on a Silicon Valley tour to ensure that they will always blaze new trails in digital entrepreneurship. During the trip, the finalists will be able to interact with the best and brightest minds of Silicon Valley, who will impart their knowledge on building and sustaining innovative businesses catering to multiple markets. This is SME Nation’s way of ensuring that they remain as leaders who can inspire many other Filipino entrepreneurs especially in using technology.

Chosen from hundreds of other entrepreneurs, the five digital leaders clearly understand how digital technology can make a difference in the lives of the people that their businesses serve.

MobKard’s Carlo Calimon was named the Boss for Mobile Readiness for developing a product that consumers can utilize anytime, anywhere. Born out of Calimon’s desire to help consumers save in an innovative way, MobKard allows customers to receive exclusive promos in real time as they approach a store or a restaurant. The breakthrough mobile application digitizes and converts traditional plastic privilege cards so merchants can create flash sales in stores.  MobKard also helps merchants reach out and connect with consumers by empowering them to develop location-based alerts and track user purchases.

Kimstore’s Kim Lato was appointed as the Boss for E-commerce for successfully maximizing the Internet as the world’s largest marketplace. A pioneer of e-commerce in the Philippines, Kimstore has made known its commitment to safe and trustworthy online shopping of gadgets including notebooks, tablets, PCs, cameras, gaming consoles and of course, mobile phones.

“The online market is now growing—more and more consumers are seeing the value of going online to shop. Every person who accesses the internet is a person whom we at Kimstore can reach. There are now technologies that are available to help us reach more consumers and do everything that a bigger retail store can, simply by getting in touch with them through the internet,” said Lato.