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Zomato and Microsoft join forces to empower SMEs

Following the success of last year’s Restaurant Summit, online and mobile restaurant search and discovery platform Zomato partners with the world’s leading software provider Microsoft to empower leaders and learners alike to become ground-breakers in the local Food & Beverage (F&B) sector by conquering the digital space market.

Logo photo courtesy of nextbigwhat.com

Logo photo courtesy of nextbigwhat.com

To be held at the Raffles Fairmont Hotel in Makati on Friday, January 15, 2016, the Zomato + Microsoft Summit Session’s Metro Manila leg will bring the brightest minds to share their knowledge and open discussions on topics such as Integrating Technology in your Restaurant Business and Wooing the Millennials.

The union between Microsoft and Zomato champions each of the different SME’s goals to harness and elevate them through technology and digital solutions.

Logo photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Logo photo courtesy of pixabay.com

While having websites and multiple social media accounts allows more visibility for restaurants, so much time and effort is put into sustaining these to promote goods and services. By simply having digital presence is just one part of the formula as this opens the communication lines between establishments and their patrons. “Being present in the digital space is not just about letting people know about your brand. It is about reaching out to them,” says Anton Ojeda, Country Manager of Zomato Philippines.

With the influx of diners flocking to restaurants due to massive social media coverage, restaurants now have to find easy yet efficient solutions to maximize productivity. “SME’s aren’t just competing amongst themselves – they’re competing with every player in the F&B industry, big and small, because food is such an integral part of our culture,” says Karrie Ilagan, Microsoft Philippines general manager.

“If there’s any business which benefits the most from the power of technology, it is the SMEs, because of the cloud and subscription based models that now have access to world-class and enterprise grade products that were too expensive before.”

Opened as a platform for healthy discussion among restaurateurs, the Zomato Restaurant Summit of May 2015 has successfully garnered over 800 entrepreneurs and players in the local food industry. It helped attendees discover trends and business strategies from the industry’s most successful figures with its theme “Conquering the digital age.” Since then, the clamor for solutions on taking advantage of the possibilities of the Web has not ceased.

Interested participants may register by visiting: http://aka.ms/MS-ZomatoManila

(Ed Ciby)