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New year, new you: 8 apps to fulfill this year’s resolutions

By Christian Abe Garcia


Whenever a year ends and another starts, we often find ourselves pondering about the things in life that we want to change or improve. Reality is, we often end up not fulfilling our resolutions as we lack the commitment to implement the much needed change. But since we are all under technology’s spell, with the help of some mobile apps, we might just be able to keep track and remember most of our New Year’s resolutions.  Here’s a list of apps that can help us achieve our New Year Resolutions for 2016.


Starting off with an app that will keep track of your activities for the day or the week, the Juice app is an easy to use energy tracker that let’s you finish what you need to track in your daily activities in just under a minute or two. It has a straightforward interface unlike other apps that have menus and options that are often too complicated to figure out.  The app will only give you the specific numbers and results that you want to see.

This app lets you monitor 8 activities that you want to track, whether its your Energy, Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Mood, Stress, Balance, or Relationships. It would also give you some tips from health experts based on your personal performance.


If this year’s goals include a healthier lifestyle, you may need to learn some exercise routines through the Sworkit Lite app.  So, even if you are not in the gym, through your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to exercise by simply following the video exercises demonstrated by expert personal trainers.

You can also target a specific part of your body; you can choose from your Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Abs, Back, or Legs. You can also try out several types of workouts, from Cardio exercises to even Yoga or Pilates, the Sworkit Lite is flexible enough to accomodate anyone who wants to include exercise in their daily routine.


If one of your resolutions involve being more alert and knowledgeable about natural disasters in the Philippines, the Philippine Red Cross’s Hazards App will give you instant information about the different types of natural disasters that may occur in your city or barangay.

The Hazards App gives a detailed overview of each specific types of natural disasters, ranging from typhoons to earthquakes, the app provides all you need to learn about these calamities. You will also learn how to prepare for these disasters by providing a list of things to do before, during, and after that calamity has occured.The Hazards app also gives the latest news and information about the current state of the Philippines in times of an earthquake or a typhoon.


If you want to learn a new language, you can fulfill that goal by using the Duolingo app. You can easily learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Swedish, or English through answering several exercises and quizzes.  Each stage will give you easy language lessons; and each time you level up, it gets more advanced and harder to answer.  Trust me, you will never get bored with this app.  The Duolingo app is specifically designed to give you a good time while learning new and complex languages.


In order to keep track of all your resolutions, you will need an app that will easily help you remember all your resolutions for the year.  ProductiveTap’s Resolution 2016 app provides sufficient features that enables you to list down all your resolutions for the year.  You can add tasks and set reminders so you won’t have to miss all of the things you need to do.  You can even check your progress.  Once you’re done with a specific task, you can rate how well you did that task through the Accomplished List feature.

Resolutions 2016 is the perfect companion for all the other apps that were mentioned above. It compiles all of the tasks that you’ve already accomplished.


If your New Year resolution includes spending your time wisely, 30/30 is a simple app that will help you accomplish your resolutions by setting up a list of tasks that you need to do for the day. Working as a digital to-do-list, 30/30 connects through the time in your phone and tracks the things that you need to do for a specific time. You can also set up how long you need to do that task by activating its timer and alarm feature. 30/30 will truly teach you how to plan your day and how to manage your time well.


Way of life is the app that you need if you want to erase bad habits that you often do in a day. Subsequently, you can add good ones too in order to live a better and more productive life. It tracks down any habit that you do for the day (as long as you add each habit in the app), you will need to input how well you’ve done in trying to avoid bad habits through the Chain feature, which will indicate whether or not you have done that habit in a given time.

Green indicates that you have done a good habit (drinking water, eating healthy food), and red indicates the time you’ve failed to avoid a bad habit (for example, you put a red bar in the “No Cigarettes” chain if you’ve smoked during that time). It also tracks down how many green and red bars you’ve put in the app, you can adjust the statistics from 2 years to 6 weeks, this app will let you know your progress in preventing bad habits.


If your goal is to find new dishes and delicacies, you can download the Zomato app. This app lets you find good restaurants where you can try their specialties and best sellers that you have not tasted before. Plus, it helps you find the restaurant that would best suit your taste through its food review features.

You can easily see how other people rate the resaurant.  You can also add your own review once you have tried it. Zomato also automatically pinpoints the restaurant’s location in the map.

Zomato has already covered most of the restaurants around Metro Manila.