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Hortikultura Extravaganza

The country’s major garden show is all set for its staging. This is the Hortikultura Extravaganza, which will be held from Feb.13 to 15 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City under the auspices of the Philippine Horticultural Society headed by Dorie S. Bernabe.

Attending garden shows can be rewarding in a number of ways. You can pick up ideas in landscaping from the exhibits. You come to know about the latest varieties of ornamental plants as well as the edible crops that could be grown in the home garden. You can learn new techniques by attending the daily lectures.

The garden show has three main features that can be educational. One is the landscape exhibits. Another is the commercial section. And the third is the series of lectures.


Growing fruit trees in containers will be discussed by Zac B. Sarian in Hortikultura Extravaganza this coming February.

Growing fruit trees in containers will be discussed by Zac B. Sarian in Hortikultura Extravaganza this coming February.


Members of the horticultural society form their own groups to compete in the landscape exhibits. Some other garden clubs and companies are also invited to participate in the landscape exhibits for the cash prize and honors. Most groups showcase landscapes using various ornamental plants. There are a few others, however, who make use of edible plants for their landscape exhibits. One example is the exhibit of vegetables grown in containers by East-West Seed Company in Hortikultura 2014. That one won a prize in the corporate category. In Hortikultura 2015, the same company showcased a set up for a garden wedding. East-West Seed also distributes planting materials of flowering plants and it used most of its flower plants for its presentation.



This is where the commercial growers as well as the sidelining hobbyists offer their plants for sale. The commercial section is participated in by more than a hundred stallholders not only from Manila but also from the provinces like Davao City, Bacolod, and others. The sellers anticipate the staging of the garden show because it offers them an excellent opportunity to sell their merchandise. They really prepare plants that they believe to be bestsellers.

One strategy is to prepare a beautiful high-priced specimen plant grown in a special container. Then they produce many smaller plants of the same variety, which are more affordable. If the particular variety happens to be a prize winner in the plant competition, the small propagations could really become bestsellers.

The commercial section is where you will see what is new as well as the old-time favorites. People aspiring to go into the plant business can observe different varieties, which are selling well in the market. And they can also discover which plants are not available in the stalls, which they can specialize in as a marketing strategy.



Garden show goers can also benefit from the daily lectures on various topics that include landscaping, orchid culture, plant pest and disease management, organic agriculture, starting a plant business and others.

This columnist will also conduct a lecture on growing fruit trees in the urban setting. This is growing in containers your favorite trees, such as chico, pomelo, calamansi, imported makopa, balimbing, guava, and several others. See you there any day from Feb. 5 to 15.