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Right here, right now

Heads up, moms! There are now a number of ways kids can watch TV without turning on the television set

If you think your kids are missing an episode of their favorite shows just because you declared a ban on the television set, think again. There are now a variety of ways that kids can watch television. This, according to the latest Nickelodeon survey on kids’ preferences.

“Kids are getting better at negotiating hurdles, like when they cannot get access or find content, or when there are technical and people issues.  They also have increasing access to the kind of entertainment they want, using about five devices to watch TV shows and five sources to access them,” Jaslyn Chiu, Nickelodeon’s senior research manager for Asia, reported.  Since this increased access to terrific content heightens engagement, it isn’t surprising at all that TV has ceased to be “one device, one source,” and has become “multiple devices and multiple sources.”


True, most people start their viewing journey with linear TV, but they can now get their entertainment fix, too, via digital video recorder (DVR), video on demand (VOD), free video sites like YouTube, channel sites/apps, download to own (DTO) like Apple’s iTunes, and torrents.  Chiu explained that viewers use these sources to fulfill different roles such as catching up on missed shows, “marathoning,” or checking out new releases. The most common gadget used to watch TV is the tablet. They also use their laptop, desktop computer, DVD player, mobile phone, and games console.

Interestingly and despite their tech-savviness, children still learn best about TV shows through word of mouth.  “When it comes to discovery and reinforcement of TV content, old school tools ‘seal the deal.’ Playground conversations rule!” noted Chiu.  She said TV is now an essential part of daily conversations, especially for kids, with 92 percent of those in their study talking about TV shows they love more often now than a few years ago.

Today’s kids are allowed to have their own Facebook account, mobile phone, and personal email account but parents still retain their control over online and family activities like what websites they can visit, which video games they can play, what to eat for dinner, and when they go to bed. Surprisingly though, parents are not so strict on the kind of shows that their kids watch on TV.